5-years Young Investigator Position in Quantum Technologies

5-years Young Investigator Position in Quantum Technologies

Employer : FAPESP
Location : Any Research Institution in São Paulo State.
Salary : Monthly tax-free fellowship (R$ 10.279,80)
Closing date :
7 Jun 2024

Discipline :  Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
Job Type : Principal Investigator
Employment – Hours : Part time
Duration : Fixed term Qualification : PhD
Sector : Academia

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) is thrilled to announce the launch of the Quantum Technologies Initiative (QuTIa), aimed at catalyzing the advancement of quantum technologies and solidifying São Paulo and Brazil’s scientific and technological prowess across multiple domains. This initiative holds the promise of transformative impacts, spanning healthcare, cybersecurity, agriculture, and computational problem-solving through quantum computing.

QuTIa seeks to establish São Paulo as a global hub for quantum innovation, fostering the development of a vibrant ecosystem while attracting top-tier talent and investment to the region. With a focus on promoting quantum technologies in sensing, communication, and computing, QuTIa invites early-career researchers to submit proposals under FAPESP’s Young Investigator in Emerging Centers category.

The Call for Proposals targets researchers with outstanding achievements post-doctorate, demonstrating leadership potential and a commitment to pioneering quantum research. Priority will be given to proposals from international researchers aiming to establish their careers in São Paulo. Proposals should address novel aspects of quantum technologies and showcase clear international engagement and potential impact on local research and industry.

Key Themes:

  1. Quantum Communications: Embracing quantum key distribution protocols, single-photon detectors, quantum memories and transducers.
  2. Quantum Sensing: Leveraging quantum phenomena in metrology, healthcare, and agriculture through diverse approaches such as photonics, spins, and superconducting qubits.
  3. Quantum Computing: Exploring photonic processors, superconducting qubits, and quantum-inspired machine learning for groundbreaking computational capabilities.

Proposal Budget:

  • The proposal  budget limit is R$5 million (roughly 1 million USD) and allows for capital equipment, fellowship for students and postdocs, traveling resources and technical services supporting the project development.
  • The successful applicants will be funded for 5 years.

We encourage both theoretical and experimental proposals, emphasizing practical applicability and disruptive innovation. Successful applicants will participate actively in QuTIa’s networking meetings and workshops, driving collaboration and knowledge exchange within São Paulo and Brazil. For detailed guidelines and submission instructions, visit the FAPESP website https://fapesp.br/16661/

Submission Deadline: June 3, 2024

For inquiries, contact qutia@fapesp.br

Join us in building a quantum-powered future for São Paulo and beyond.

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